Week Commencing: Monday 21 August 2017

Weekend Airfield Operating Hours


Rotary Wing

Fixed Wing

Sat 26 / Sun 27



Airfield Operating Hours:

Yeovilton - Day

Mon - Thur


1000 - 1600

1000 - 1400

Yeovilton - Night


Tue - Fri

2100 - 2330 


Merryfield - Day

Mon - Fri


Merryfield - Night

Mon - Fri


 Scheduled Night Flying:

The times provided are when the Air Stations are planned to be open for flying operations.  On days when night flying by fixed wing aircraft based at RNAS Yeovilton is not planned, aircraft from other Services and Air Stations may use our facilities for short periods without advance notice.

It may be necessary to night fly at RNAS Yeovilton and Merryfield on additional weekdays if the planned night flying earlier in the week is curtailed because of adverse weather conditions, or due to operational requirements.

From time-to-time; often at weekends, limited flying such as departures and arrivals will take place at RNAS Yeovilton.  In addition, the flying club and the gliding club operate from the airfield outside the stated operating periods.