RNAS Yeovilton, general enquiries - 01935 455001

Ministry of Defence (MoD) Low Flying Complaints and Enquiries Unit - 01780 417 558 - cas-lowflying@mod.uk

Community Relations Officer - 01935 455226 - navyyeo-cro@mod.uk

Officer in Charge at NAS Merryfield - 01460 52018 - navyyeo-atcmfoic@mod.uk

More information about Military Low Flying in the United Kingdom is provided on the GOV.UK Website

There is a free-phone MoD Low Level Advisory Service for members of the public to enquire about low flying military aircraft activity - 0800 51 55 44.

It is manned: (Nov - Mar: Mon–Fri 0800 to 1700) (Apr - Oct: Mon–Fri 0800 to 2000)

This phone line is for enquiries about planned military low flying activity only. You will need to provide your postcode, general geographic location or low flying area. This service cannot provide information about activity within 10 miles of Yeovilton or Merryfield.

The British Horse Society has a site dedicated to the 'Reporting of Equestrian Incidents': www.horseaccidents.org.uk